Experiencing skipping in Roon

I have the same issue:

CORE: MacBook with Mojave 10.14.6 (Early 2015); 16GB RAM; SSD (I should add that when listening to music the computer is only dedicated to Roon with lid and idle Sleep preventer, and even when I use DSP the processing speed is almost always from 80x to 90x)

NETWORK: Netgear NightHawk X10 R9000 router, NAS with gigabyte ethernet, Roon Core MacBook through WiFi 802.11ac 1,300 Mbps transfer rate, Fast fibre broadband (100Mbs measured).

AUDIO: KEF LS50w connected through ethernet to the router (this is where I had the issue); two airport expresses gen 2 with 802.11n 5ghz connection.

LIBRARY: Tidal; ~2,500 albums ~16,500 tracks in a NAS connected through gigabyte ethernet directly to the router.

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Hi @Armando_Maynez,

How often are you seeing this issue? Is local content working okay?

If you play to System Output of the Core machine with no DSP is there any change?

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Hey @Armando_Maynez,

We just released Build 505 with some changes that we think will help here. Can you give it a shot and let us know how things are going?


More details are here:
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