Experiencing slowness on iOS remote

I have Mikrotik router Gigabit Lan, music is on NAS 180.000 songs, PC is i7 nuc 8gen, 16gb ram and ROCK installed.

For me, browsing over ipad is not so fast and smoth as it was on older version, it is musch slower, user expirience is worst because of that.

For me, point of roon is stability, speed and simple interface.

I dont want complicated and fat software as it
Is Jriver. (But that is a wish only)

Hi @drsah,

Thank you for the information. I’d like to get some additional information here so I can pass a report over to the technical team.

Is it only the iPad where you’re experiencing this slowness?

Can you provide some specific examples? Are there any specific pages you’ve noticed are taking a while to load? How long are they taking to load? How long would you say they used to load prior to 1.6?

Does playback take longer to start? Can you provide examples?