Experiencing sporadic audio dropouts

I get occasional drop outs in my music and think it may be Roon trying to backup my Music. I want to shut this off permanently as I use a complete separate HDD for that chore… Yet I cannot find where to do that?

Did you know that you can schedule Backups in Settings > Backups > Scheduled Backups > View > Add? This way, you can easily schedule backups on a time you mostly don’t listen to music. Of course, you can also turn off backups completely there.

This should help you find out if indeed the Backups are causing the dropout. I think not, because in my experience it’s not the backups preventing music to play, but instead music playing preventing a backup to take place (Roon will automatically try the next day).

By the way, just to make this clear: Roon does not backup your music files, but “merely” its database, containing the rich metadata about your music files. So I would absolutely advise you to backup your Roon database on a regular basis.


Thanks so much for that clarification on what Roon backs up…That makes so much more sense…I wish I could put my finger on what exactly causes these drop outs…sometimes not for weeks on end then other times every hour or two…?? baffles the crap outta me!

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You’re welcome, Larry. Unfortunately, your problems haven’t been solved with this. I know from experience that mostly, dropouts in Roon are caused by the way your wifi/ethernet and/or setup is installed or equipped. I’m flagging @support here to see if they can help you out. Meanwhile, it’s useful if you would already provide full details about your setup as described here:

Edit: I’ve also added the Support tag to this Topic, so that perhaps other users might chime in to help as well.

Hi, @LarryMagoo, thanks for the report! And thanks for your replies, @koen, much appreciated!

Could you please describe your setup here? Follow the instructions described here, please.

May I also kindly ask you to describe your problem particularly. So we will be able to help you to solve that problem. I mean, what type of content do you try to play when dropouts happen (local or tidal)? What kind of output device do you use?

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks you guys for looking in to this!

Speaker Listening: 12 VDC MAC Mini>AudioByte Hydra Z DDC USB in AES Out> Yggy>Marantz 8801 Pre-Pro>Mini DSP DDRC 88A Room Correction>Sunfire Signature 5 Channel Amp>Monitor Audio Golds

Headphone Listening: 12 VDC MAC Mini>AudioByte Hydra Z DDC USB in AES Out> Yggy>Balanced Out>Oppo HA-1 HP Amp> HD-800S/HD-650

Sometimes I get a drop out twice in one song or other times quiet for days on end…???

Hi @LarryMagoo ---- Thank you for the feedback, the insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are reporting may I very kindly ask you for the following information:

  1. Please verify where your musical collection is being stored/accessed from, and if these dropouts are being experienced with both locally stored content and TIDAL content as well.

  2. Do you ever experience dropouts with the mentioned configurations outside of the application? Say via the TIDAL application?

  3. If you were to connect earphones directly to the MacMini hosting your core and play via the “system output” do you still notice dropouts in audio?

Lastly, I am not sure if you have visited our knowledge base yet but we have good documentation on what can lead to dropouts and tips for troubleshooting them (KB: Troubleshooting Audio Dropouts).



Thanks again for your assistance…I use the MAC Mini as a RoonServer and access it through my iPad. I do not use Tidal.

I’ll have to try the Headphones to the Mac mini and see what happens…I’ll report back.



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