Explain it like I'm 5... why does Roon insist on a startup scan

I truly don’t get it. Needlessly hammering drives as if the content magically changed whilst the core was switched off.

It’s a terrible and seemingly pointless design decision, please allow an opt out and let the luddites suffer the consequences.

Yes, reading your local database to check against metadata in Roon’s cloud, maybe even writing to it to update!

Open a feature suggestion thread, then!

I think many people never run into this because they don’t turn their Core machine off.

I turn my core off daily, but never notice this because I have an SSD… SSD reads don’t shorten life.

Like you are 5:

To display your content in Roon accurately, Roon needs to know what content “is yours”, on streaming services and locally as well. When Roon is running, it gets notified in real-time from the operating system of any changes to any files in the watched folders, but when Roon is off, it gets no updates. When Roon starts up, it does a quick scan to sync back up so the real-time updates can sync up to a known set of files on disk. The same thing is done via real-time APIs or periodic rescans for the streaming content.

What type of hardware are you running where this matters, Evan?