Explanation of images counted

When in the overview section I see that the number of images counted is nearly twice the amount of albums I got. If I simply count all albums + all artists it’s some thousand more but expected, so I fiddled with focus and tried to see which ones got more but 1 picture attached. None.
Phew … somehow roon seems to store some 6000 images not belonging to either artists or albums.
Is it possible that roon holds a massive 6000 extra images for the “Discover” pages?

There may be quite a few performer and composer pictures, too.

6000? Hell, if a composer is equal to the artist roon hopefully doesn’t store redundant ones.

Running short on disk space? :wink:

More seriously: it’s probably all the performers which may not appear under artists.

Yeah … short on diskspace … lucky me my NAS seems to have some KI. Each time earnings get low for seagate or western digital my NAS throws a warning that I have to invest into another drive … :wink:
But your idea makes sense … there’s plenty of performers listed below the artists.

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