Explicit albums not showing up

Hi all,

this morning I noticed that the new Bille Eilish album that I added through the Qobuz app did not show up in Roon under the “My Library” section. I searched for the album found it and added it again.

Listening I noticed it is the censored version of the album and the explicit version is nowhere to be found through Roon. On the Qobuz app I now have two albums in my library: the explicit version I added before and the censored version I added through Roon. Only the censored one showing up in Roon.

Is there a Roon setting I am missing that filters explicit content or what could be the problem here?

Any help is much appreciated.


It doesn’t show up under ‘Versions’? I (located in Germany), see 4 different ones, tame + explicit in Redbook and Hi-Res.



You do have to select in Roon settings to allow/ show " explicit" albums/ tracks.

Not at home so not on my Roon network so can’t post a screenshot showing exactly where that is found.
Sure someone else will soon…

thanks for your replies. Under versions it showed up and I added it to my library. Weird that Roon did not display this as being in my library already but at least it does now. :slight_smile: Thanks.