Explicit music disabling

Is it possible to have an option to prevent explicit songs being played?

Yeah, just learned this in another post, which of course I can’t find.

Double click the heart symbol next to the track you don’t like. I will turn grey and never bother you again.

Wait, you mean explicit as in ‘dirty’, so to speak? Sorry, misunderstood.

You were making a feature request, right?

Still you could do it one by one, if you were so inclined.

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Yes, I’m putting it up as a feature request. I’m aware of the heart clicking option but I would prefer a global setting to disable explicit songs with vulgar words to prevent children from listening to it.

As a workaround you can use the “contains explicit lyrics” option in the album editor, and hide the album in “album options”.

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Is this album specific setting or can be applied to all albums? I was hoping to select a disabled option and it will applied to all music that contains explicit lyrics including Tidal.

It really depends on whether the albums gets labelled correctly. Some albums carry the “E” but I often have no idea why as I don’t hear anything that would cause that. So, false positives to any automated option is a risk

Personally, I think if it is a real issue in a household then the library owner/parent (i.e. the one who probably purchased the filth in the first place {joke}) should take responsibility and edit the albums or tracks to not play.

I think the problem there is that the tracks can be re-selected to play by anyone, no?

What’s really needed, in addition to tagging, is some sort of ‘parental’ lock.

The Contains Explicit Lyrics flag is only set for TIDAL material where the labels have marked the album as containing explicit lyrics. We apply this flag verbatim and apply no editorialization whatsoever.

At present we have no reliable means of detecting differences between explicit and clean versions for local material, so you would have to set the flags on album or tracks yourself. In any case, the definition of “explicit” is in the eye of the beholder.

In terms of features acting on the flag, that’s something for us to consider along with the myriad other features requested.

True but if that is really a risk then put all the explicit stuff in a folder and only enable that folder when you explicitly (sorry) want to play it.

What is the risk that your 5 year-old will play March of the Pigs rather than Pepper Pig :joy:

I don’t have any rugrats, so in the above example I don’t know which is the banned substance.:laughing:

So I stopped Bjork, Debut to play that…
Quite a contrast! :open_mouth:


It’s on here and this album is a good example of why expecting Roon to code this for you will never work.

This album is fully identified in Roon and is full of quite potent vocabulary in much of the lyric. Yet it is NOT classified as explicit.

The library owner must take some responsibility and action here.

Great album though :sunglasses:

I’d vote for this, too. While I don’t care about my kids listening to explicit music, I do have outdoor speakers I leverage. Don’t want my roon radio dropping f-bombs on my neighbors’ kids.

We do have option in Roon Radio now, but keep in mind that the quality of the filtering will be dependent on the quality of the underlying metadata.


For streaming content, the data will be dependent on the labels and the services, and they’re usually pretty good but not infallible.

For local files, it’s considerably harder for Roon to know what content is explicit since it will be based on a number of factors (from what fields are populated in the files, how the files were ripped or generated, etc).

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Whoa. Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

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I came here to make a suggestion for something like this so I can stop getting side eye from my wife. Glad I searched first and found your answer!

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