Exploration and discovery for physical media buffs

I am curious how people who come from deep physical media libraries use Roon.

Define “deep.”


Deep /dēp/ (libraries):
Libraries with at least a thousand CDs/LPs/etc. It could mean deep in one genre, spanning a large set of genres, or a combination.

I am particular interested in how the physical media habits get recreated or transformed into a Roon workflow. Those habits would likely vary when a library is deep in one genre vs libraries that basically span the history of music. I am interested in all these experiences and translations to the “non-physical” world of Roon.

Additionally, I am interested in how people deal with the desire for liner notes and other aspects of physical media that are not present in Roon - at least not as consistently as in physical media.

My interest is both personal - as I crave liner notes and enjoy the physicality of media - and also as a way to understand how one can make the file-based (and streaming-based) experience richer.

Makes sense?

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I have some 6 thousand “albums” in Roon but they got here via Jriver as I use both. What I can say is that if the PDFs of the booklet in the album directories, you can access them from Roon.

Yes, understood. That’s why I have a preference for Qobuz over TIDAL as they tend to have more liner notes in pdf form (and no MQA!!!). Plus with Sublime+ I can buy albums at a discount in some cases.

But as liner notes are concerned, there is a very small fraction of my albums for which I have liner notes in pdf form (<10% for sure). For physical media it’s close to 100% (some cheapo CD releases don’t come with them).

Also, lets not limit this discussion to availability of liner notes please.

With Roon, I miss browsing the shelves. I interact with the albums in a very different way where I use the discover feature instead of browsing the shelves. It certainly has its pluses. I play things I would often glaze over when browsing the shelves. I am not ready to pack up the physical media just yet. I like liners once or twice. After that it is all about the music.

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Interesting… Can you set Discover to only show you albums you have in your library? Ie those that are either physically in your library and/or TIDAL/Qobuz favorites?

I don’t know if I purposefully did it in my settings, but Discover only searches things in my library, but it includes stuff I added from Qobuz that I don’t own a physical copy of…and I am unsure if I can filter those out.

Now that I look at it carefully, I think Discover only looks at your library:

I should definitely use it more.