Explorer2 and USB3 Camera Kit

I could not get an iOS device to power Explorer2 with camera connect cord. Tried with battery back and cord in wall. If you did get this to work please explain (what iOS device and what setup). Thanks!

I use my iPad Pro and the USB 3 Camera Adapter. Mains power applied. This runs the explorer 2 and gives me MQA via Roon Tidal Masters.


What do you mean “Mains power applied”, plugged into wall?

As soon as I plug in Explorer using camera USB adapter I get error from iPad saying Explorer uses too much power.

Edit: what is that picture of, camera adapter underneath?

There are two different Lightning to USB Camera Adapters,


With the latter connected to feed the iDevice with power, even DACs that uses too much power for the iDevice used with simpler adapter without power feed to the iDevice works. At least with some of such DACs.

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I have the second one, tried plugging in to battery pack and Wall. Explorer2 calls for too much power.

It works for me with iPhone X and iPad Pro 1st gen, feeding the adapter getting power feed from USB on a MacPro or an iPod power supply. It works with 4 different DACs, which do not work without power feed. However, none of them are an Explorer 2.

EDIT: Tried with the 5W iPhone power adapter too. Doesn’t work with the iPad but do work with iPhone.

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I have the second picture above and I plug the usual Apple mains lead into the adapter. Wether a battery pack will work is open to question but with normal mains it works a treat.
My picture is how I keep the adapter and explorer together as a unit. I would be nice if someone made a clip for the purpose but elastic bands will do :joy:

The Explorer2 needs up to 0.5Amp power.

The iPhone wall charger provides up to 1.0Amp

The iPad wall charger provides up to 2.1Amp or 2.4Amp (depending on model).

Are you using the 2.1/2.4Amp charger with your iPad?

I am using 2.4 Amp (says in tiny print on it), I think the charger that came with iPad Pro.

From what I understood about the USB3 Camera Kit though was that the power only charged the iOS device, not flowing through to the USB connection.

I just read that the 12" iPad Pro is the only iPad equipped with USB3

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the only iOS device equipped with USB 3.0 support for faster data transfers, and now, faster charging. That means the 9.7-inch iPad Pro isn’t going to see the same charging speed with this fast-charging setup, which is a disappointment.

I think iPhones 7 and greater have USB3 speeds/charging, so that explains why it works with some iDevices and not others. It works with many of them, just not mine!

I am giving up now.

No. Only the 12.9” iPad.

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My charger is 2.4 Amps


Do you have a 12" ipad pro, or 9.7?

Diagonally the visible screen is just under 13 inches
The width end the Tablet is12 inches The Hieght is just over 8.5

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The one I used for testing is 12.9".
However, it also worked with the 1A power adapter with an iPhone X.
Then again, it was not with a Explorer2 DAC. :slight_smile:

Let me try with an iPad Mini 3, brb.

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I get an iFi nano iDSD to work with the iPad Mini 3 using an 12W iPad charger, power from my MacPro as well as with iPhone 5W charger. The DAC power usage is specced as “Power Consumption: < 3W (charging battery and playback together)”.

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The iPhone X 8 Plus, and 8 will do fast charging the same as the big iPad.

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Apple uses the diagonal as their model, so you have the 12” thus USB 3 capable.

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