Export a list of albums

I am aware of the feature of exporting all tracks. But that feature creates a huge file of which I only need about 10%.

I like to have a list of albums I own which I can sort in a spreadsheet for example on artist, year, album. This list I can copy regularly to my phone as a catalog of my collection.

So adding a export option to the album view is what I like to see

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So, in album browser select all albums and export list to XL.

Take a look…

Thanks! Now I found it!
It took a while to find out how to do it because you first have to right click on an album before the button with the vertical ellipses appears. In the tracks view the vertical ellipses is visible right away and so I found out I could export all tracks.
And there is an Artist export as well :slight_smile: in the same way.