Export and Import of Metadata

Hi there, is there a way to export metadata of an entire album including individual track data into a single file from computer A and import it onto Computer B? I tried the export but album and track data are separated, and cannot find any place to import data.

I prefer to rip the files again on Computer B if possible. Thanks.

@Raymond_Ho What are you trying to achieve? Do you have lossy files on computer A and want to re-rip as lossless? Or do you simply want two Roon instances running with separate music files?

Assuming you are meaning the albums existing metadata and this is not a Roon specific question, I can give you one solution with my Jaikoz tool.

  • Install Jaikoz Music Tagger
  • Load original files with metadata
  • Select Advanced:Export to save the data as spreadsheet
  • In Spreadsheet modify first column so filesnames match the path of new files and save
  • Load new files into Jaikoz
  • Select Advanced:Import and select your modified spreadsheet

Your new files will now have the metadata loaded in from corresponding row in spreadsheet

  • File:Save to save the changes

Thanks Paul, but my question was specific to Roon. Cheers.

What I really wanted to do was to export extra metadata like credits etc. I spent time compiling on computer A, transfer them to Computer B, so I don’t have to do them all over again.

Any advice welcome, thanks.

I assume you are making the changes in Roon? If so, then the metadata are stored within the Roon database not the media files.

It’d be really helpful if you explained your set up and where you keep your music files. What kind of changes are you making and are you doing this within Roon or using other software?