Export: Clean Up Duplicates not working

This is still the same in the latest v216 build, which is disappointing when work was actually done on the playlists :frowning:

@support Can you clarify if this got fixed in the recent 216 update please? and perhaps this would be better in the support forum, as they are bugs rather than feature requests, as I had initially thought. Thanks.

For me exporting the same files to the same folder, with no external changes, results in a full export of the same files, even with the duplicates flag selected.

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Nothing has changed in this area – the fixes for this release were related to how tags are printed to files during the export process.

We’ll put the the duplicate detection here through some testing and update the ticket with the results unless we can’t reproduce, in which case we’ll let you know if we’re not able to reproduce.

I assume you’re just exporting to a folder, making changes to the playlist, and exporting again with the expectation that files which were previously copied won’t be copied again, but let me know if there are any additional requirements you’re expecting here.

OK thanks.

The questions you ask are answered in the original thread, including the devs ability to reproduce the problem.