Export cover art

Would love to export the cover art Roon finds as a cover.jpg or such for use with other (portable) music programs.

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Copyright may be an issue here.

I use tags in Roon to mark the albums I want for portable use.

I then FOCUS on that tag.

Select ALL

EXPORT albums to a new folder.

This picks up the artwork.

I then run a dbpa batch convert over the newly exported folder ready for xfer to my portable device(s)

But @ncpl doesn’t export shrink covers to a tiny 256x256?

Dunno…will have to have a look tomorrow.


I just checked and Roon embeds whatever artwork you have selected for the album. There is no re-sizing to 256 or any other size. If you have 2000pix image then that is what gets exported in the files.

I just checked, and you’re right. So this has been fixed. Great!