Export Daily Mix and other playlists to Excel

Description of Issue

Running Roon on Asus Laptop, Windows 10:

I imported playlists from Qobuz then made a local copy of them so I could edit/combine them. Now when I try to export them the “export” command is not available. I see “Add to playlist”, “Add to tag”, and “Edit” but nothing else.

Do I need to do something or can you not export playlists that have been combined/edited/saved as a local copy?

Hello @Shawn_Harvey,

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As things stand now, what you are describing is expected behavior. Only items in your Roon library can be exported. The important thing to note is that the track has to be added to your library before it is added to the playlists to be able to export it.

In other words, simply adding to library a track already in your playlist will not help. This is because the version in your playlist, is still the one not-added-to-your library.

We explain this in more depth here:

Maybe Rebeka found the reply helpful but I don’t, other than to exlain why something that could be reasonably expected doesn’t work!
What would be helpful is to set out a simple process by which imported playlists eg from Qobuz or the Roon Daily Mix, can be exported.
Is that too much to ask? Please …

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You can only export to excel from a playlist that is made up of tracks added to it from library content. That means you need to add the albums to Roon first, and then to the Playlist, and then it will be exportable.

However, saved Daily Mixes and imported to Local Qobuz mixes are only made up of non-library titles, EVEN IF, you have that album in your library already, the track was added to the playlist from a non-library source.

If you are looking for Roon to “export” just a playlist file, regardless of content source, then that would be a Feature Request.

Thanks for responding to my frustrated rant so promptly.
I think the situation is as I had deduced. Go through playlist; add all albums to Library, go to each album in Library and select the track in playlist; add each track to a newly created personal playlist? To say the least, that is very laborious and is hardly ever going to be worth the effort. Which is a great shame as suggested playlists are a valuable resource. However, given the location restrictions of Roon, it means that the playlist will not be accessible eg from outside the home / core location whereas I can access my Qobuz account wherever I have an internet connection. Similarly for Spotify.
It does not seem to me that the required procedure protects any IP rights so it would not seem “illegal” to mprovide a service that merely provides exportable track data as in an Excel file that could be produced by going through the laborious process described above. So, and even more so with the advent of the Daily Mix, it would be a valuable Feature if Roon could provide this fairly basic process?
So, please treat this message as a “Feature Request”.

How about, I move the thread to Feature Request. I am only a volunteer mod, not an official Roon employee.

Fine with me.