Export does not show up

export does not show up on any library track, playlist…

Hi Richard,

What computer are you using to run Roon when you try and use Export?

Cheers, Greg

A second question just to make sure: you’re trying to export local files, right? TIDAL stuff won’t work, obviously. See also


Using iPAD 2017

Yes, that was made clear in the link you posted that I read twice before posting this… I’m trying to export my library located in my NAS (Nucleus+), not TIDAL which is not located locally.

I suspect that the iPad UI doesn’t have the Export function, because of iOS limitations. I think you’ll need a PC or a Mac running the Roon UI for this…

Right you are. I just downloaded Roon on my laptop and connected the Nucleus+ core and I now have the “export” function, thanks… :slight_smile:

Next question: how do I unload my entire library (Nucleus+, SSD) info into a spreadsheet? I can do it for an album; looking for entire SSD library? No, not TIDAL, my library in Nucleus+

Are you using a Mac? I found the exported file is un-openable (100% Apple household). I had to download Libre Office (https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/) to open it, then copy/paste the whole sheet into Numbers (and save) so I could open it on an iPad. I hope “Export” compatibility will be improved!

Go to the Album browser. If you don’t want to include TIDAL albums, then you must first use the Focus feature to display just the non-TIDAL albums. Focus/Format, check the TIDAL selector, then click the green button to turn it red - i.e. select NOT TIDAL albums. Now that you have your non-TIDAL albums displayed, select them all (Ctrl-A on a Windows laptop), then Export to a file.

The file produced claims it is an Excel spreadsheet, but it’s actually some sort of XML-based file. Excel on a Windows PC will complain when you try to open it, but just go ahead and open it. Excel on a Mac has problems, see Mike’s message above.

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A perfect explanation! Thank you so much, now I can track my library. I really appreciate you taking the time with an excellent explanation. Succinct… perfect!

… I’m on a Mac but I use LibreOffice by default (haven’t even installed Numbers & Co.) so I never noticed the export problem.

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