Export entire Library to QNAP NAS

Hi all-
I am running rune core server on PC connect to a QNAP NAS where my library is stored. I want to export my entire library to the QNAP NAS and when I try to do this off a Roon client I can’t seem to be able to select the network drive, which is of course mounted, in the export window.

How can I do this?


Your music is on the NAS.

You want to export entire library TO (which you say but doesn’t make much sense) or OFF the NAS? Are you going to store your entire library location in another place for Roon?

Are you trying to do this inside Roon or in Windows?

My music files are all on the QNAP NAS, and it’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast in terms of folder organization etc. I am hoping that doing a full export from Roon will clean up this mess. I need to save if on the QNAP server since my library is too large to be saved locally using a Roon Client on my laptop for example. My PC is running the tube server and as far as I know there’s no GUI and I can use it to export the library so I am doing it off a OSX client. The issue I am having is that I can’t seem to be able to select an export folder that’s not local (e.g. on my QNAP).

I don’t think exporting will clean up the mess. I’m not an OSX guy so others will have to take it from here.

My thoughts, for what they are worth, Roon doesn’t really care much for folders and tags. My library was pristine in terms of all that. Roon does things their way. I had to do some tweaking to get it looking as slick as possible.

Might want to download mp3tag, create folders for each artist, put each album under the artist with their files - but, again, not really necessary for Roon.

BTW, I moved all my music off a Qnap NAS and put it on a SSD internal to my Core, but an external drive on your core will do the same. Much faster and any changes to your library happen in real time and, therefore, no rescanning necessary.

Good luck.