Export files, speed expectation?

I figured i’d export my unidentified files and run them through another identification process.
I learned a few things during this process:

  1. Files export is not possible on MAC (Hard crasch every time)
  2. File export can only happen on a PC/Mac client, not from the Core? (The export location must be local to the remote, not the Core)
  3. File export is glacial, at best… There is NO way i could make this into a reasonable workflow for cleaning up the unidentified albums in my library.

Experience with this function? Tips for speeding up?

I tend to use network apps to copy and move data about, e.g. rsync or scp so don’t have any direct export experience. Not saying these tools would be your choice but they can be set up on most systems. How much data are you moving? How long’s it taking and what’s your core and remotes running on? Just trying to get a feel for current performance.

Thanks for comments! I normally use Robocopy or Rsync for file management and sync duties, and they are mighty fast and efficient.

While i was evaluating this yesterday. i was on a pretty old lappy, an HP with Win 10 2004 and a Core i5 3470T processor i think. This was connected on 5Ghz WLAN and had an external WD 2.5" Elements 2Tb USB drive attached. (the destination for the export)
The Core was one of my NUCs with ROCK, an NUC8i3 with the library on an internal 4Tb Samsung SSD (960 QVO).

My unidentified albums are about 500, out of 10.000, and i selected them using Focus. Then Export begun and after ca 20 minutes it had managed to export one and a half album, ca 30tracks… There are 10.000 tracks flagged as unidentified according to the Tracks view, which would mean it would take a week to export these files… I have patience, but that much… :wink: