Export from Linux Core to Excel

I understand that normally it is impossible to export from a Linux server. Is there any workaround for this?

Export what? Do you have a Linux based Roon Core? Have you tried to export whatever it is you want to export? What did not work for you?

… sorry for being unclear. Yes, I have a Linux based Core and I would like to export the metadata from my collection to an excel.

And there still remain the questions: Have you tried it? What did not work for you?

I never experienced any problems with exporting. As of reading other posts, you might not be able to export anything that’s not part of your library.

The Core doesn’t matter actually, it is the client which does. If you have a Windows (or Mac) client it can export the file to Excel. I just exported from my ROCK Core to my Windows client an excel file of everything I had in my Tag called 4Stars. Worked like a charm.

Many thanks, Daniel and Blackjack, I wasn’t aware I could use another computer to do this. Took a Win10 laptop and it works like a charm! Kindest greetings from Holland!

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