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Feel free to call me stupid because I’ve been looking and looking but can’t find how to export anything. Alongside my albums is the option to share or edit but the export item is missing. I tried individual tracks and I get a bunch of options but no export.

I want to export my library in the artist/album/track format to clean up my library.

How do I do an export?

Is this what you are looking for?
Click on the 3 dots, export is the last one.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 08.51.48

When needed use the 3 dots from the far right

For artist, right click to select and then the 3 dots are upper middle left

For local files, you can export to a folder, but I do not know the names and hierarchy that it is going to use

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Note that the export options described by @Traian_Boldea only exist in the desktop apps, not on tablet or phone


Thanks for all the help.

The problem I have is I’m doing it on an iPad. I’ll give it another go when my new Roon server arrives. I’m getting rid of my NUC and going for a Mac Mini. I’ll be using that for both Roon and Plex servers along with a few other things.

My NUC is headless so it’s a bit of stuffing about to try it out. I’ll revert to version 1.8 at the same time, version 2 search is so slow.

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Maybe get a laptop for a day, install roon and do your exports/cleanups
@Suedkiez thanks for help, I have never used roon remotes on mobile/tablet

I wasn’t aware either, but I saw the same complaint in a different thread one of these days :slight_smile:

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