Export history to Excel greyed out [possible bug?]

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Description of Issue

There is no way to search history. So then I find out it is possible to export the history to Excel. But when I try it, the Excel option is greyed out.

Help, please?

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I’m afraid this is a shortcoming of Roon - you can’t export History to Excel, and you can’t search it or use Focus on it either.

In fact, this may be a UI bug, since you only get the Export option when the complete History is selected - selecting a subset of tracks, and the Export option is not available.

Some folks use scrobbling to last.fm as a substitute. See

I’m going to close this Support request (since Support can’t help in this case).

I suggest that you make a post in the Feature Suggestions category to request the “Export to Excel” feature.

@support - just flagging you guys with a question: is the failure to export History a bug, or a design quirk?