Export History to xls - multiple selection

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 desktop
i7 CPU
16GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear AC2300 - Mix of Ether and 802N
Linksys LAP300 APs

Connected Audio Devices

Mix of Sonos, USB Dac and one 1st Gen Chromecast

Number of Tracks in Library

6500 Tracks

Description of Issue

A couple of other topics seem to mention that this is an available function but I don’t see that it is - specifically for multiple entries exported to Excel format.

Just really need confirmation that I’m “doing it wrong” or it’s not implemented etc.

Selecting one history entry and then clicking “three dots” icon allows me to export to xls. One track - one row.

However selecting multiple entries and repeating the same click steps results in only the clicked entry being exported and the others ignored. This makes sense from a UI design standpoint as I’m really selecting one track even though the highlighting isn’t changing.

Last, this step seems to be the way to go but results in the xls option being greyed out.


John Harris

Confirm - could be a bug here. If you use the Queue instead of History, you can export multiple items to Excel…

Thanks Geoff, I saw Queue mentioned as a workaround but I tend to clean up my queues long before I realize I’d like to review some set of tracks - plus that’s a queue for every endpoint.

Stellar product by the way. I’m just knocked out.



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