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How can I export the group, composer, title etc of selected albums, e.g. all albums which I play from Qobuz? Target can be Excel. Of course, I strongly hesitate to select the (Qobuz or whatever) albums by hand.
Many thanks for your help!

Are these albums in your library?

If the album is not in your library I don’t think Album or Track Export gets you Composer (at least I don’t when I have exported non-library album tracks).

If you select an Album to export then all you get is the album meta data. If you want individual track meta data then you need to select all the tracks and then export. As Album and Track exports are different and not combined.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

Let me focus my question on the export of Qobuz meta information which are not in the local library.
I would suppose that their meta information can be retrieved from Qobuz by the Roon package? And that that can be exported to Excel?
And when defining the export of the data, I want to select all albums which I play from Qobuz in one go, in order to avoid to have to select say a couple of hundreds of albums individually. Does this clarify my question?

The meta-data that Roon exposes to you is not the actual Qobuz meta-data, as far as I understand. It is meta-data from other sources.

No, not really. For example, how are you expecting to do this if these albums are not in your library.

To finetune my question:
= the objective behind my question is a.o. to share the information with others, possibly not using Qobuz
= scope of the export is all albums which I play from Qobuz, so the albums are not in my library. So NOT the meta info of an individual album. In my Roon libary I can see these albums as if they are local, of course with the audio and possibly more only stored at Qobuz
= I would like to select all these albums in one go (I mean the only criterion is Qobuz) (in order to avoid to have to select a couple of hundreds of albums individually)
= the export should contain the group or orchestra, and album title. That info can be taken from Qobuz or Roon, or whatever source, as long as other people can find the same album e.g. at Tidal, or as CD
= the export destination is Excel, or csv, or whatever file readable with MS Office tools

And as a next step:
= it would be nice if I could select the meta data to be exported (sample rate, bit depth, live, …)
= and if track titles can also be exported
= and if I could choose the selection criteria, e.g. all albums (in the library or at Qobuz) having a certain sample rate or bit depth

Hope this clarifies it?

I think there is a disconnect around the Library concept. Your Roon library consists of local tracks and any streaming content you have explicitly added to your library. You CAN sort by Qobuz on albums that are IN your library. There is no way to mass select, filter, or focus on Qobuz albums NOT in your library.
You cannot search all Qobuz by format, label, for example.

Let’s say, you were exporting the information from all the Qobuz albums in your library. The export does not contain Composer information, and, you cannot modify what information you do get. As shown by my export of Qobuz in Library albums, the only fields which might be populated are: Album Artist; Title; Version; Type; Track Count; Max Media#; Media Count; Duration; Date; Genres; Artwork Size; External Id; Is Dup?; Is Hidden

If the album is not in your library you get even less populated information.

(*) To select any album, it has to be in a view. So, you could, do a search, go to the albums section of the search, select All, and then export to Excel. But, that would contain the results of that search which would probably have a lot of unwanted results. Also, you could go to an Artist, and discography, Select All and Export. Once again, it will export all the albums, singles, compilations, etc.

Hi Rugby,
Thanks for your answers. I now managed to get what I want.
For others and for myself later on it might be helpful to describe the steps:

  1. Click on Albums in My Library
  2. Click on Focus, that opens a bunch of criteria that can be chosen
  3. Click on the right arrow to move to Storage Locations
  4. Click on Qobuz Library (or whatever criterion you wish)
  5. Select all (control+A), in the top of the window the context menu (…) appears (next to other options)
  6. And select export from that context menu to generate the Soundiiz or Excel or Folder (of course not in case of Qobuz) file(s)
    Hope these are the correct steps.

I can say that this is a strong selection mechanism, indeed offering a huge bunch of criteria.
Again, many thanks!

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