Export option on iPad?

Hi, I’m probably being stupid but can’t find an export option.
Running rock on nuc 7i5 with music on a nas, using iPad as remote. Export doesn’t show as an option when clicking the 3 dot button. Anything special I need to do to enable it first?

I stupidly left my iPad at the office, so I can’t verify this, but I believe you need to use the MacOS or Windows version of Roon to make export happen. IAC, when I tried to export an Excel file from my iPad, I couldn’t do it either.

Export is available on Mac and PC only right now.

If there was an export option, where would you export to on the iPad?

How about an export version which properly works on a Mac where ROON core is running. There is a thread where people are posting about their problems with the generated Excel file not being compatible with the current version of Microsoft Excel for Mac and Microsoft Excel iOS (and Numbers as well).

It would be nice to tackle this problem first.

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Good question. After having noticed I couldn’t export anything using the iPad, I did ponder this.

That said, if it were somehow possible to initiate the export from a tablet (or phone) and specify that it be saved to some network share, that would be helpful (although I don’t see this as an especially high priority item).

I know some Mac users have reported not being able to open the Excel file generated by Roon, but I haven’t experienced this on either of the Macs I run Excel on. I keep a Roon-generated Excel file of my library in my Dropbox so I can access it as needed. It’s very useful when it comes to ensuring I don’t purchase albums I already have.

As soon as I have some time, I’ll generate a new Excel file and confirm what I can open it with.

Ok, so I did pre-empt with “I’m probably being stupid”! Have installed Roon on old pc now, so I see how export works.
What I was trying to do was to export music to a micro sd for my DAP player. I had attached this to a card reader via USB to nuc running rock and wondered if I could use iPad as control to export to this. I couldn’t! Can connect up to my pc though and should work fine. Just wanted to try and keep pc out of the equation given how old, crappy and slow it is and how nuc/Rock and iPad are working so well together…

I just had some time to do this, and I can open the “.xls” file generated by Roon in Excel for Mac 2011 (v14.7.5).

I think I figured out the problem with Numbers: Even though the file generated by Roon has a “.xls” suffix, it’s appears to be what Microsoft calls an “Excel 2004 XML Spreadsheet (.xml)”. So the file should really have a “.xml” suffix, and indeed, if I change the suffix to .xml, Excel for Mac can open it with no problem … but Numbers can’t. If, OTOH, I resave the Roon-generated file out of Excel for Mac as a “real” .xls file, Numbers can open it!

So while I realize that the “.xml” file is supposed to be the “open” solution from Microsoft, in practical terms, for Win-Mac compatibility, it’s probably best if Roon would generate a more standard .xls file, one that Numbers can open.

I tried using Microsoft’s Open XML Converter (which appears not to be available from Microsoft any longer but is available from various download sites) to convert the Roon-generated file, but regardless of what suffix I used, and even if I resaved the Roon-generated file out of Excel as a “.xml” file, the converter would not recognize the file as something it could open, so I’m clearly not on the same page with Msoft, but nothing new there.

If i name the file xls, it opens on Excel for Mac and Windows upon double click.

If I name the file .xml, double clicking sometimes opens on Excel for Windows, and never on Excel for Mac.

That’s why I named it .xls even though it is the Excel XML format.

Yeah, I get it, but I think increasingly, Mac users aren’t bothering at all with Microsoft Office, so they/we need a solution that works with Numbers (which really isn’t half bad and probably serves the needs of 90% of people who use a spreadsheet).

Sorry however, using a Mac and Safari, if I upload the file to my OneDrive account and try to open it using Microsoft Office Excel online - the file will not open.

If I download the file to my iPad and use Excel for iOS - the file will not open.

I do not care about Numbers support - I would be happy with Excel online (via my OneDrive account) or Excel iOS version. In both of these current official Microsoft programs the file does not open.

I still think this is a bug generated by ROON Core running on a Mac - the file created is not compatible with current versions of Office Online or Excel iOS.

I would offer to upload my file to you for inspection however it appears others are having the same issue. So this is actually not a request for new functionality (ie Numbers support) but rather a request to fix current functionality ie fixing a bug

What if you just open the file directly on the Mac in Excel for Mac? I have no problem doing this with an older version of Excel for Mac. I just threw the unaltered Roon-generated file into my Dropbox—I’ll check it at work with the current version of Excel for Mac.

Numbers can open .xls and .xlsx files, so I’m not asking for new functionality either, just a “better” .xls file. I think we’re both asking for substantially the same thing.

Edit: Since the library file was in my Dropbox, I just tried opening it with Numbers for iOS on my iPad Pro, and that worked!

Edit 2: Tried opening the Roon-generated .xls file with the Office 365 version of Excel for Mac (v15.35), and that worked, too.

Edit 3: Tried copying the file to OneDrive and opening with Excel Online, and I can confirm that doesn’t work.

Going back to this in light of my recent experience, how about if you could export it to your Dropbox account? It appears that if that were possible, you could then open the file with Numbers for iOS (which is free, BTW).

(This should apply just to the Excel file, IMO.)

Well I had another go - this time downloading Excel for Mac.

The file does open.
So in summary:

Excel for iOS - NO
Office Online - NO
Excel for Mac OS - YES

The file can be opened in only 1 of 3 options - perhaps ROON is outputting an older version of Excel files?

Two thoughts @danny :

Provided the file in question can be opened or viewed in such a way that the iOS share icon is available, then multiple options exist regarding where to “export to”:

  1. Use the “Copy to” functionality to open the file in other other apps (in my case usually Synology DS File), but also “Outlook” or “Excel” or “Dropbox” or “Transmit”.
  2. iOS offers improved access to the “filesystem” now as well, through “Save to Files”.

Thanks for the consideration.

I would like to come back to Exporting on an iPad or Android platform.
I would love to have Export functionality on my RoonControi (Android, export to Music folder, or just create a ROON-folder).
That would allow me to export music directly from ROON to my mobile to bring it with me to work, without using a PC as a mediator.
At breakfast I export to mobile, go to work, listen & delete (to create space), and repeat the next day.

Why limit export to Windows or MAC ?