Export Parametric EQ settings

First post :slight_smile: I am getting a new DAC and was wondering is there any way to transfer my Parametric EQ settings to a new device in Roon ? I have 2 channels of parametric EQ (left and right channel) running in procedural EQ, 15 bands in each for room correction.
I know I could create convolution filters which could be applied to any device but I like to see what is going on and tweak to my preference if necessary. Trying to get away with not having to input 30 bands of EQ settings if i don’t have to :thinking:

Just click “Save/load EQ” and “Save EQ as”, give it a name then you can load it for any device you like

As far as I can see this option isn’t available for parametric EQ inside procedural EQ.

Well, then save it as a preset, et voila…

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You just made a lazy man very happy :+1: