Export Playlist and Paths

It’s great to be able to export a Roon playlist, along with the tracks and an M3U. Nice work, Roon!

The only bad news: the playlists are placed into a “Playlists” folder and the path for every track is a relative offset, as follows: ../artist/album/track name (note the leading dot-dot).

Sound like a good idea, but doesn’t actually work in a lot of places. The only place I’ve seen this work is with BlueOS, which will traverse the path correctly.

However, Sony Walkman will not traverse up-and-down to find these tracks - they are reported as missing in the playlist. Also, my General Motors car (Cadillac User Experience) will not find the these tracks on a thumb with the current path names.

SUGGESTION: when you export a playlist, select an existing folder and place the playlist at the top and the artist/album folders underneath.

This accomplishes two things:

  1. it will work everywhere that can read an M3U

  2. will avoid duplicate files on the external storage.

Number 2) is important. Let’s see you have two playlists called “artist mixer” and “artist collection”. The first is a sub-set of tracks you really like and the second is their discography. When you export each playlist, you won’t end up with duplicate tracks on the external storage.

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Is anyone else using the Export feature in Roon? How is this playlist format working for your use case?

Thanks, in advance.

I have read several of your contributions. I’m new to Roon, still in the learning curve, non English language native and this is my first contribution i.e. forgive me if not accurate / relevant etc…

I own a FiiO M11 DAP with a SanDisk MicroSDHC Class 10 400Go. My core is on a NUC (ROCK). My music is on a single folder on a NAS (WD My Cloud Pro). Everytime I export a Roon playlist with the objective to import it on the DAP I do it along with the tracks and the M3U on a specific 500Go external drive that I use exclusively for this purpose. Once in while (every month or so) I sync that external drive directly to the root of the microsd card of the FiiO. The FiiO native music app can easily travel to the folder structure of the 400Go microsd card up to the “Playlist” folder created by Roon and play any of the M3U file.

As an added note, typically, when I listen on the DAP for the first time to one of these recently copied M3U file I do import it within the native FiiO music app to have it all nice and clean.

I haven’t find a way to export directly from Roon to the FiiO microsd card. Actually the whole process is pretty straightforward except this operation.

This leads me to a question: do you know if it is possible with a Roon app either on Windows either on Mac to export playlists along with the tracks and the M3U files on a mircrosd card of a DAP?

I know I can remove the FiiO from it’s protective case, remove the microsd card, plug that microsd with an adaptor directly into the computer running the Roon app and avoid the dedicated external drive batch process step but this is actually even more cumbersome…

I don’t have any experience with the FiiO M11 DAP. Can you mount the SD card as attached storage?

With the Sony Walkman, I can mount the SD card as a drive that my Mac can see; I can then export directly to that location. I don’t actually do that, however, as my USB card reader is quite a bit faster for transferring files to my 1TB microSD card.