Export Playlist: How can I tell which tracks failed to export?

I export my playlists from Roon to my PC so that I can take my favourite tracks away on my phone and listen in the car without needed internet.

Sometimes tracks fail to Export. I understand of course if they are Tidal tracks then these will not be exported.

When they are all offline files and 1 fails - how can I tell which track did not export successfully?

If you have a playlist of 400 tracks it’s a little painful to try and work out.

I see there is a logfile however this seems to list all exported files but is there specific text I should search for in the logfile?

Or; can I get Roon to tell me on the Completion Screen?



I guess there is no solution to this then.

Does anyone know if there is an option to export all playlists one after another?

It’s a bit of a pain doing them one by one to sync them with my phone.

I also note that is a track is in more than one playlist it makes a copy of the track in a duplicate album folder so you effectively end up with say:

D:\MUSIC COLLECTION\Exported_Playlists\Anita Baker\Rapture
D:\MUSIC COLLECTION\Exported_Playlists\Anita Baker\Rapture (2)
D:\MUSIC COLLECTION\Exported_Playlists\Anita Baker\Rapture (3)

This particular album I have in high res so with about 110Mb per track the storage space used can be massive.

I have written a program in Microsoft Access to fix this if anyone has the same problem.

It effectively:

  1. Scans the playlists for anything within a folder named (2) to (10).
  2. Copies all files into the root (non “(2)” folder) so all tracks are in the root artist\album folder.
  3. Replaces all of the (2), (3) etc. folder names from the playlists.
  4. Reloads the playlists and deletes any Flac files within the folder structure which are not within any playlists.
  5. Finally it recurses through the folder structure and deletes any empty folders.

I therefore end up with one copy of each song again and all duplicate folders are then removed.

Happy to provide this if anyone wants.

It brought my exported playlists down from 180GB to 80GB.

I wonder if roon might implement a tool to tidy up the exported playlists folder.