Export Playlist Not Functional [Answered]

I’m trying to export a play list…

1.) select the export option next to playlist = copy music to a folder
2.) select the export option next to a song in the playlist = copy music OR export to excel

Exporting to excel is a good start… but you can only select 1 song and export to excel. No ability to export a playlist like described around this community using latest version.

Please help, I want to export playlist so I can import into iTunes and load my iPhone/iPad for travel.


Hi @Andrew_Pylypchuk ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us!

Based on your feedback it sounds like “export to excel” is not what you are looking for here based on your needs (i.e "import into iTunes and load my iPhone/iPad for travel). I just ran a quick test and was able to export a playlist without issue (see below for screenshots), please verify if the following steps do not work:

  • Navigate to the desired playlist.
  • Double click on the playlist to open up the track listing.
  • At the top of the screen select the “3 dot” menu located next to the “Play now button”.
  • When the drop down appears, select “export”.
  • When the export window appears use the “browse” button to set the target location for the export.
  • Once you’ve selected the target location simply hit the “export” button and you should be all set.

Examples from my export test:
43 PM

50 PM


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Thanks Team… I see the playlist folder buried in all the other folders.
Many Thanks

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