Export playlist not working

Hi, I’m not able to export playlists from Roon correctly.
I select all tracks in the playlist and select Export from the drop down menu. I am only being given the option to export to excel, so I choose this option (but there should be more options?).
Roon then creates a spreadsheet which contains only 1 track out of the 85 tracks in the playlist…
I have tried many times with the same result…

But this is the best case scenario! I am not being given the option to export any of my other playlists at all, it is simply not in the drop down menu…
And the one playlist where I have the option, I have to select all tracks. Only a few or almost all removes the option… Would appreciate some help here #support

HI Rub,

First, to ping support you need to use the @ sign. So, @support .
Until they arrive, this might help:

  1. If your files are local and you own them you can export them to a playlist folder that will copy the actual files and create an m3u file I think (has been awhile since I’ve done it). Streaming tracks will never be a part of this.

  2. If the tracks are from streaming services then you can export them to Excel ONLY if they are in your library. Please note that you must have added them FIRST to your library and THEN onto the playlist to count.

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Hi Daniel,

thank you very much for your suggestions.
This is the first time I’m posting on this forum, so I didn’t know about the @support ping :slight_smile:

I should have pointed out that the playlists consist of Tidal streaming tracks only, no local files.
All playlists have been created in Roon.
What you are saying about files first being added to library etc is probably the issue. But this is really unbelieveably inconvenient and nonintuitive!
Another reason why I am now leaving Roon, and trying to take my playlists with me. Seems Roon won’t allow that either… So if I understand this correctly, I will now have to add all the tracks in all my playlists to the library, delete the playlists and create them again from the library files?

Well, that is a lot of work, so, I’d wait until support popped in to answer officially.

I think that if you add all the tracks in the playlist to the library this will add those tracks as favorites in Tidal. You can then sort Tracks in Tidal by date added, and then add all the new favorites to a Tidal Playlist.

So the below is my understanding of it and it may not be completely correct, but, here goes.:smiley:

Lets say you are starting an 80s playlist, and search for Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and find it on Tidal, you add the track to the playlist. At that point, you are only adding a link to Tidal’s track. ( This is an important difference).

Now, instead, you add the track to your library first. When you add it to your library, that is when Roon creates an actual database entry for that track. A database entry allows you to Edit it, etc. etc. If you then add the track to your playlist, it is added as a pointer to the database not a link to Tidal.

So, the reason you get nothing to export, is that for tracks NOT in your library (aka database) there IS nothing to export, as it exports the information IN the database.

So, that is what I think is happening. And why, “Lucky Star” (added to your playlist and not in your library) is to Roon a completely different OBJECT than “Lucky Star” (first added to your library and then to the playlist).

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Thank you very much Daniel for taking the time to write such an elaborate reply, I really appreciate it!

The first part of your reply worked brilliantly, this has saved me alot of time! I added all the tracks from my playlist to the library and found these in Tidal tracks. Added the tracks to a new playlist in Tidal and done.

I realize my knowledge and understanding of how roon works is limited, but at the same time I feel that alot of functions in roon are not intuitive at all, I find it cumbersome to use. I much prefer the simple and strightforward UI of Tidal and Spotify.

I understand what you are saying Daniel regarding the way Roon works with links and libraries and all, I just don’t understand why it must be that way. What is the issue with just adding tracks to a playlist directly without having to first save them to a library, why do two steps when you only really need one?
This is a question to @support, was hoping someone from support would chime in…


Hello @Rub76, and thanks for the feedback here. Roon is definitely a large and complex at times, but the intention is to give users greater functionality and customization. Rugby gave a solid answer above as to the proper process.

At the current moment, exporting is limited to content in your library, and content from streaming services can only be exported to Excel. You can learn more about this in this article.

For more export options, I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the Feature Request section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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