Export playlists from Roon back into Qobuz

Hey, is it possible to export the playlists back into Qobuz? Otherwise I won’t have my new playlists on the go, just at home.



Hi Jan,

No. This isn’t possible in Tidal or Qobuz. I expect because Roon users are only a small proportion of their respective customer bases, so the comparative advantage of implementing this would be pretty small for them.

Thanks Andy - However, Roon should look into workarounds. What you are basically saying is that create your playlists inside the streaming service and not Roon. Otherwise I won’t have my playlists on the go.

I really like Roon, especially the new radio function but not having playlists synchronized is not great.

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Nothing Roon can do to playlists in Roon will produce a result on the streaming service side.

Yea I get it. Maybe Roon should become part of this: https://soundiiz.com So I can sync through an external source - not sure if possible.

Just made some observations. When you explore an album in Roon and “add to library” the album will be available back in Qobuz under “Favorites”. At least something for on the go. Still wonder why the playlist would not be possible if “Favorites” works?

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Because playlists can contain local, qobuz and Tidal tracks so it’s.not that simple. It would mean having to remember to create different playlists which is kind of disjointed.

Sort of thing Soundiiz.com should be able to implement I think as you can import playlists in file formats as well as match across from streaming services. Don’t know if Roon would be prepared to contact them or if just users might be able to flag it to the developers?

edit - sorry already mentioned by Jan_Reinmueller

Actually you can do this using MusConv

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