Export - some tracks failed - which tracks?


I tried export for the first time and 2 of 151 files failed to copy. Is there an easy way to find which files didn’t copy?

I compared the number of songs in the copied album files to the originals in roon to figure out which songs didn’t copy, but I’m thinking there has to be an easier way?

The files that didn’t copy played in roon, but may have been corrupted. I can elaborate if you like but I’m not surprised they were an issue.


I’m now in the process of exporting 3000 tracks to use in my car and a number of tracks are failing to export.

Is there any way of identifying the tracks that fail to export?

@support Having the same problem. I’ve checked for the 3 period bug, but can’t see any in my files.

Is there a log file somewhere which shows which ones failed?

EDIT; I found the culprits - One Step Beyond… slipped through the net.

Has anybody found a way to easily identify which tracks fail to export? I already know the hard way.

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Hey @Jim_C – we don’t currently show a list of failed exports, but we probably should.

I’m going to have a look at this and see how much effort would be involved in adding this functionality. Unfortunately, for now I can’t really make any promises here about a timeline for when we might add this.

If you want, feel free to open a Feature Request here – I’d like to get this added regardless, but a feature request will help us gauge how much interest there is in this change.

Thanks for the feedback here!

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Have you made any progress on this? I put in another feature request.

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Just encountered this myself. It would be VERY good if this could be implemented. I’ve got several tracks that apparently failed but no idea which ones

Feature request is linked here:

Since this is not an existing feature, but rather a feature request, will be closing this support ticket.