Export stops with a collection of 112,000 tracks

I have a library with about 112,000 tracks which come from a few different drive where there are duplicates. I am trying to export to a clean drive where i will not have duplicates. My export stops 105164 left to copy. The thing next to the words file exporter does continue to spin but tracks left does not change. I have restarted twice and left it over night thinking it might be doing something in the back ground. Any suggestions

Have a look at your logs and see if the export gets stuck on a particular file. It could be a corrupt file which is stalling the process. It also could be a track with a very long name which will not save as it exceeds OS file name limits. I have seen this with some apps.

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Thanks how do I get into the logs. Everything has always just worked?

I found the Album and fixed the name good call thanks

Nicely done @ncpl!

Hi @Norman_Steinke – if you can give us a few more details about what you fixed/changed, maybe @vova can reproduce this issue in house and get a ticket opened in our bug tracker. Hope all’s well with you Norm!

The title had com from a copy of a hard drive I pulled into another that had the path for instance f:\title ect that was long. I fixed the title and everything was fine.

This is quite common in classical titles. Would be good if we can trigger a workflow of some sort here to a) warn the user and write to an export log and b) skip the file once logged so the export can continue.

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I had started a response that this was common with opera and opera track titles that include scene, characters etc etc.