Export tagged files from Tidal into excel in order to import in New Qobuz subscription


I recently switched from Tidal to Qobuz. I want to export my entire library to maintain information on tracks that I tagged with the roon tag option. I notice however that all the tracks I tagged from Tidal are gone from my tag lists.

Is it in anyway possible to export the complete library including tag information (assuming this data is still available in the database behind the ‘screen’) ?

If switching to Qobuz use soundiiz or another service that will attempt sync your Tidal versions to versions in Qobuz. Keep both accounts active whilst doing this. Roon will then group any that are an exact match automatically and in theory they should inherit tags but if they don’t match then they won’t as they are a different version of the album and would need their own. Although forced grouping might do it. Once done and synced disable Tidal.

I could be wrong and it won’t work at all. Not sure using an XL from Roon will be enough to maintain it and I do think it looses play history. Although I can’t be sure here. I no longer keep a Qobuz or Tidal library just use them to stream and not add them.

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