Export to Excel - Additional fields

I would like to revive this. I recently exported my albums to Excel for the first time, with the specific goal of having a spreadsheet to see what releases I was missing from a certain label. Well, no label info available. I’m fine with the current option remaining as a default, but so much of the power of Roon is in the metadata. It would be a huge help to export:

Record label/publisher
Catalog number

I’m sure a case can be made for other fields (file path? Imagine using a script or batch renaming utility to rename your folders to Artist - Album (year) [format] [catalog #] without having to export the whole collection from Roon). Chime in with yours.

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Well the Catalog Number and the Product Code (as one or both will hold the barcode number from the CD)

I have a database of my music and videos, and it is indexed by the Barcode number. It would make life so much easier if these were in the Excel export too - I could make direct matches so my process would be: rip to Roon, export to Excel, and then update my database.
The db is on the phone - I use it to answer the “have I already got this?” question when browsing in stores/record fairs.


the Excel export is very basic. There is no option in Roon to get an overview over release dates. A more detailed Excel export would solve this problem.

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