Export to MySQL [not on roadmap]

I’d like to be able to export the Roon database on my Rock as a MySQL dump file. Then I could upload the data to my website and write a PHP/MySQL solution to display it. Thus I could easily access a proper list of the albums and artists in my collection from anywhere.

You can just as easily, use MySQL for Excel add-in; Export to Excel, and then send the data to a MySQL table.


The Excel export doesn’t provide me with an accurate solution and it is not easy to do. For a start, it doesn’t export the names of all albums. For example, I have The Beatles albums in the original and remastered versions. The Excel export treats these as being just the one album. A MySQL export would be a lot easier to do, plus would keep the relationships between albums, artists, tracks, etc. It would tell me how many CDs per album. An Excel export doesn’t do this.

It sounds like the real issue is with the portions of the data being exported, rather than the format.

I suspect the reason it is not exporting exactly what you are looking for is that the schema representation in roon is likely to be far more complex than a single table with album names. There’s probably quite an extended schema for album and associated album identification, and the schema design is, no doubt, a very important part of roon’s ip.

I’d recommend providing a complete list of the meta data you’d like. The roon folks can then comment or consider what makes sense for them, and the roon user community at large.

Why MySQL? Why not Oracle or SQLServer?
Is this based on the old story that Roon is based on MySQL?
The Roon team has said this is not true.

And that’s why I requested a database export, not just a single table export.

No, it’s because my website host supports MySQL, and I could create a PHP and MySQL based solution.

Plus the MySQL database dump format is one of the most common and widely support database formats.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. It is against the license terms of more than one of our metadata providers.

That’s a shame, because the Excel export just doesn’t cut it. What could you export? I’m more interested in a proper list of Albums and Artists and number of CDs than anything else. I don’t care about tracks, lyrics, etc. But I don’t want different versions of albums amalgamated the way the Excel export does.

You have options:

  1. Parse the music files/folders on your filesystem and populate your MySQL database.
  2. Use Plex when you are away from home it has an exceptional web interface already done for you and will stream.
  3. Have you looked at Roon’s API?

Show me what you get and what you expect…

The best I can get via an Excel export, and then deduplicating:
Artist, Album
The Beatles, The Beatles
The Beatles, Yellow Submarine,
Various Artists, No.1s & Million Sellers

What I’d like to get at the very minimum:
Artist, Album, Disk
The Beatles, The Beatles, Disk 1
The Beatles, The Beatles, Disk 2
The Beatles, The Beatles (Remastered), Disk 1
The Beatles, The Beatles (Remastered), Disk 2
The Beatles, Yellow Submarine,
The Beatles, Yellow Submarine (Remastered),
Various Artists, No.1s & Million Sellers, Disk 1
Various Artists, No.1s & Million Sellers, Disk 2
Various Artists, No.1s & Million Sellers, Disk 3
Various Artists, No.1s & Million Sellers, Disk 4

Nice to be able to get more. After all the Excel export has additional track information. But it doesn’t list all of the versions and how many disks the album/version has.

But I’d be happy with a single MySQL table or Excel export that can easily provide the information above. That is, a list of the CDs in my collection.

My reading of it is that the API is limited to returning just 30 results at a time.

I’m not really interested in having to run another music server solution like Plex when I’m a life member for the best one - Roon.

Getting the information from Roon, where the metadata is curated, should always be a much better solution than getting it from the file system and the metadata in the music files.

to show multiple versions in the dump, I thin you can just toggle the showing/hiding of duplicates in settings.

the disc thing is not possible because we does not have a disc export – only an album export.

Just curious: why do you care about the disks?
If an album consists of multiple disks, that’s just a packaging decision due to a physical limirptation, and it is often altered or removed in various formats, vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, download, stream.