Exported Roon playlist cannot be reimported back into Roon

Good afternoon all
Due to the request from Roon support, I have generated a new Roon database in order to try and get rid of a problem of Roon skipping songs.
I am trying this setup and, if it works, I will only be missing from my previous setup its playlists.
No problem, I thought. I have a recent playlist export that I use to export my roon music into foobar where all my playlist are. I have taken this playlist, exactly as they are exported with no changes, and copied them into a folder within the watched folder of my music and double checked that the settings are set to import playlist.
The problem is that the playlist are not imported.
As it is adviced in some answers on this forum, I have tried to deselect the import playlist option, save and select again with no success.
Any clue on what to do next?
Thanks for your support.

Hey Albert, sorry for the trouble! Can you confirm that the M3U file is present in the folder you imported? Also, try forcing a rescan from Settings > Storage > 3-dot icon next to your folder > Force rescan.

Hello Kevin
I have followed your suggestion and it is not recognizing the file even after the rescan or rebooting Roon.
Any ideas?