Exporting a Genre to a USB drive

I created a Focus on the R&B albums in my Library. I want to copy/export those albums to a new USB drive to carry in my car.

I do not see anything that lets me export them the way I see the three dots when I do the same for an individual album.

Hi @derek_morris,

Select all the albums that are displayed and then you can export them.

Selecting all can be performed a couple of ways:

  • Keyboard
    Control-A / Command-A

  • Touch Screen / Mouse
    Long Press / Right Click on an album
    Select all from the menu at the top of the display


Then via the “three dots menu” select the Export option…

Hi Carl, you have the right moniker, “Don’t panic.” Thank you so much for the instruction and the prompt reply to my query. Really appreciate it.


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