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I’m trying to export a list of all albums to Excel - Soundiiz doesn’t seem to support any longer. TIA!

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Works more or less the same for albums.

Duh. I just needed to “select” the titles - Right click on the first one, then Shift, Right click on the last. Thanks very much!

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This solutiondosen’t work for me. My Roon screen is missing the … icon when I am trying to export my library. In @ndrscr picture he points at it and identifies it with the #2. Anyone know why my screen is missing it?

Right click on first album - Shift click on last album - Click three dots ICON at very top of page - Click Export - Choose Soundiz (CSV) or Excel

Works for me.

That’s it, Thanks!

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Played any golf lately?

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You can also use the classic shortcut : Ctrl-A to select all items

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