Exporting Apple Music playlists to Roon

Can anyone tell me how to export playlists to and keep them in sync with Roon from Apple Music, the successor to iTunes?

I was used to manually exporting the XML file in iTunes. Roon recognized that and synchronized all playlists.

In the Music app there is now only a Music Library file; “Music Library.musiclibrary”.

I’m running Roon on macOS Monterey version 12.0.1, MacBook Air, M1.

Hi there,

The issue was discussed in the following thread. You can find the solution here:

Basically you have to export your library to an XML file and save it to your watched Roon folder.

Each time you update your (Apple) Music library you will need to repeat the process :frowning:

Hope this helps.

Hi Mike, I’ve done that, like this

But it doesn’t help…

Show your roon, settings,storage screen.

Try calling it library.xml that’s what it says in the linked thread.

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I have it set up the same way as you.

The only differences are that my file is called ‘Library.xml’ but not sure why that would make a difference – maybe the space in the name is throwing things off? And my ‘Library.xml’ file is placed inside the Media folder.

So, you have This Mac/Samsung T5/Muziek/Music Library.xml

I have This Mac/Media Library (my external hard drive)/Music (this is were the actual files are)/Library.xml

So the Library.xml file is saved to the same level as the actual media files. In your set up I’m assuming your media files are sat in the ‘Media’ folder? Try moving the Library.xml file to that level.

Hope this helps.

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That’s it! Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

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