Exporting/Important Roon Database BackUp on second NAS

I plan to acquire a second Lifetime Roon Subscription for my second home in the country. Just like in my first house, I plan to store the Library and the Roon Server in a NAS.
Can I export or import my entire Library and all Roon Setup (Playlists, preferences,…) since both NAS will have exactly the same content or Library (i.e. hundreds of folders with the same albums).

Or can I copy the full content of the Roon backup files/folders on my second NAS?

I especially want to avoid redoing all the preferences and playlists I made in my first Roon subscription.

I’m not sure a backup/restore to a new Core on a second account will work as the backup is linked to the (currently only) active Core account. I have moved my Core between computers, but have only a single Roon account, so needed to deactivate the old Core when I restored to the new Core.

I believe the best way to achieve this is to use Roon’s built-in backup, and restore this to the second core.

Please note that whilst Roon supports Dropbox, it is best to restore from a local file system, e.g., a fully syncronized Dropbox folder on a laptop, PC or NAS that is exposed to the network.

But note, that if you do use Dropbox for backing up, be sure to use different backup folders for each core.

Since you have two licenses, there’s no authorize / deauthorize step.

Also, Roon doesn’t deal with the media files, you’ll need to sync those separately.

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As far as I understand, Robert_F is correct.

Databases are tied to an account and cannot be migrated between accounts. So, you cannot restore a database backup made on RoonCore/ Account1 onto a RoonCore /Account2.

See, post by Dylan here: Restoring backup from one account under a different account, keep customisation - #2 by dylan Quoted beneath:

A Roon backup can only be restored on a Core using the same account that the backup was created on. There is no way to restore a database on another account. You have our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate the feedback!

@Alain_Grimard I would suggest forgoing a second account and just move the active core between locations as needed. This will allow you to restore a backup from one core to the other, as Robert_F does.

This, of course, means both Cores cannot be active at the same time since the account will only be active on one or the other.


thanks to the three of you (so far the good Samaritans responding…). I can already see the limitations of transferring or duplicating all the settings from one Core to another Core.
This saddens me.
I don’t think the solution of keeping only one account is suitable since on many occasions, members of my family will be in one place, using Roon, and I in another… also using Roon. My two NAS will have the same music content, hence the idea of using the same settings brought via Roon (preferences, playlists, tags, etc)… :neutral_face:

Wouldn’t both licences be held by the same account? The post was for two different users, one a client’s machine.

yes… I did not realize —if doable— that I could have two licenses on the same account. Feasible? If so, can I assume I could use the same Backup files? That… I believe not.

I will tag @accounts so you may be able to ask them directly.

Hmm. I had assumed it would be a second account, sorry about that. While I think you are right, if both licenses are under the same account then you should be able to migrate backups, though, it doesn’t hurt to ask :smiley:


Hey @Alain_Grimard,

Thanks for bringing up this topic — there’s such a wealth of information already shared. Thanks everyone for chiming in :heart: .

What was already discussed — that backups are account specific — is entirely correct. You can restore a backup from one Core to another if you’re using the same account that was used to create it.

While it’s not possible on your end to start a second subscription on the same account, this is possible on our end. With two subscriptions you can use both Cores simultaneously and you can manually keep the two in sync. Many of our subscribers think of one of their Cores as a “master” Core and back it up and then restore that backup on the second Core.

If you’d like a second subscription on your account, please, let me know and we’ll get that started for you :nerd_face:


Thank you @beka, this is helpful for us to understand what is posssible with your support on the accounts side.


Hey @Robert_F,

It’s really great to see that you enjoy understanding a little more how things work (and can work) at Roon. I’m happy to answer any other follow up questions :relieved:


fantastic!! I am very delighted to read what can be done with one account… and 2 “Cores”. This formula suits me perfectly.

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That’s great to hear, @Alain_Grimard :star2:

I’ve just started a free trial on your account (alongside your existing subscription). By default, it will convert into a paid yearly subscription when it expires, 14 days from now. Please, take a moment to navigate to your account page (Account - Roon Labs) and make any changes if you so wish.

Cheers :relaxed:

thanks… but I am currently travelling overseas. I will take advantage of this double license / One account from October, when I will be back home (Canada). Regards.

Sounds good, @Alain_Grimard. Please, let us know when you’re ready :grin:

And the 2nd,3rd subscription on the same account is a lot cheaper …yes :smile:?

Hey @Goran_Tingstrom,

That’s a good question: at the moment, we don’t have discounts for additional subscriptions. The pricing stays the same:

  • monthly: $12.99
  • yearly: $119.88
  • lifetime: $699.99

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