Exporting Music to Astell & Kern AK70

Hi, I want to export a subset of my music to my AK70. I could just copy the folders or use dBPowerAmp for example but want to take advantage of Roon’s Focus filters (eg. albums released in 2017, not classical, etc.).

But one can only export to a mounted drive apparently (C:, D:, etc.), not a portable device (MTS) and my AK70 does not even appear on the browse for destination. Same for Network destinations.

Additionally, the export function does not allow to change the format (eg. to MP3, etc.).


This is what I do:
Export to a utility directory
Run dbpoweramp batch converter on the whole directory
Copy the directory to the A&K. (If this export overlaps with what is already on the A&K, you may be able to just copy and duplicates are rejected. I think that works with A&K, although I had a problem when I did that from a Windows machine to a Linux-based Roon server, it helpfully copied all the files over creating modified names. In any case, doing that would not delete things from the A&K, in case your filters are now different. So I find it better to wipe the A&K and just copy the whole directory over; it takes time, so run it overnight.)
Then you delete the utility directory.

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But what I want to do is to take advantage of the Focus facilities of Roon and export only albums that match a certain criteria (eg. Released in 2017, of a certain genre, etc.)

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Setup your filter.
Select All.
Export to the utility directory.
Run batch converter if you want mp3s.
Wipe the player.
Copy the utility dir3ctory to the player.
Delete the utility directory.

Duh, sorry I did not get you. Thanks! Still, it would be nice if this is doable all from Roon. Cheers