Exporting playlist - not all tracks exported

I have a playlist with 411 tracks, when I export it to Excel only 295 tracks are exported. Is this a built-in limitation?


Well, Roon does not export tracks which are not in your library, for example.

Hi @m_p,

As Rugby suggested, the most common reason why a track might not be exported is because that track was added to the playlist from outside of your library. Any tracks outside of the library are skipped during the export procedure.

I get it when it comes exporting actual media files. Having just run into this same issue, perhaps, this could be changed for the purposes of creating a text/xls playlist or, a toggle added to that allowed the either all selected songs or, only library songs. It was certainly frustrating finding and adding all the missed songs so I could send them to the DJ. Like, getting married isn’t stressful enough? :fearful:

Hi, i would like to understand this topic better: i am experimenting with exporting Tidal or Qobuz playlists. For some of them i am able to partially export. By that i mean:

  • for some playlists the “export” option is not offered

  • for some playlists the option “export” is offered but upon inspection only some of the tracks are included in the xls file (which i presume has to be renamed into ‘m3u’ to be imported)

what does “in your library” mean in the above context? if “in your library” means physical storage then i don’t understand why some tracks “make it” and some dont.

Thanks in advance!

In terms of an excel file export, in your library means all physical files and streaming files that you have added to your library.

In terms of a playlist export where Roon copies the files and creates a playlist file, it is just your physical files, nothing from streaming services.

M3u and excel.files are different. You would need a tool to convert between them.

Thanks Daniel, are you certain about this? I just experimented and managed to export a playlist from tidal after I had added the tidal album in the library.

Will look into the xls to m3u conversion, thanks

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