Exporting playlist on my Roon for import to another users Roon install - What’s the best way to do this?

I’ll be traveling soon to visit my brother in law and we have similar tastes in music.
We both have Roon/Tidal.

In past visits, I searched the artist/track and added it individually (which can take some serious time with a ton of songs).

Just wondering if there’s an easier way to create a playlist on my Roon and import it into his.

Thanks in advance!


I wonder (I haven’t tried it) whether Soundiiz can help here. See this tutorial which explains about exporting to Qobuz, and I imagine that one could replace Qobuz with someone else’s Tidal.

And this thread

talks about ensuring your playlist contents are properly in your library.

Hi !
Unfortunately there’s no way currently to “import directly elements to Roon”.
At Soundiiz we are only able to match/add elements with Qobuz/TIDAL for example which are supported by Roon.

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If you both have TIDAL, it’s probably easier to create a playlist in TIDAL and then share this with your brother. Then he can easily add it into his Roon. Sharing playlists directly in Roon is currently not possible (although it has been asked for in Feature Requests).

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