Exporting playlists from a core installed on a linux box

I have Linux (x64) Roon Server installed on my linux desktop. I use the Roon Remote app on my Samsung tablet to access Roon. I would like to print the contents of my playlists to text files. On the tablet, after I select all of the tracks in a playlist, the three-dots menu at the top does not include the ‘export’ option that I’ve seen referred to in other posts, and there doesn’t seem to be any other way to copy-and-paste the highlighted text to a file.

The suggestions I’ve seen in other posts seem to refer to Roon GUI’s on Windows machines or Macs, but there is no GUI available for the core installed on my linux box (which always makes me feel uneasy). Is there any workaround for linux users?

I"m not at home to test on my Android Tablet, so I am not sure if that is a PC vs tablet/phone limitation. However, even so, if you have a playlist made up of tracks which are not in your library, then you will not get the Export to Excel option, even on a PC/MAC when you highlight all the tracks.

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