Exporting Playlists with tracks from different sources (Tidal and Qobuz)

Hi there,

I get from the forum that exporting playlists, that contain tracks from both Tidal and Qobuz can’t be exported (at least currently). Is this correct? The information available, via google can be rather confusing and I wonder if I am simply overlooking something.
Here is what I tried:
Playlist listed in “My stuff”, marked all tracks, clicked on the three dots icon but to no effect (no export or share function what so ever). However albums and other stuff listed in “My library” can be exported without any hassle.
My playlists usually contain tracks from multiple sources (SDD; Tidal; Qobuz). I do not pay any attention to where the tracks are from and believe this is how roon is intended being used. At least this is what makes it so convenient for me (multiple sources, one platform). It is however entirely inconvenient if I can’t use my carefully created playlists when away from home. I am lacking the patience to search for each track separately on tidal or qobuz to recreate the playlists. Usually I use soundiiz for keeping playlists in sync across multipel streaming services, its a pity that this doesn’t work with roon, especially since roon became quickly my favourite interface for enjoying high-res music.
It would be a great feature if playlists, regardless if originally created within Tidal or Qobuz could be altered in Roon. This is possible using Soundiiz (although not for apple music), which means it can be done.



PS: After experimenting a little bit, I sadly have to remark that playlist containing tracks of just one source (all are in the library) also can’t be exported.

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