Exposure 3010 s2 dsd64 dac

HI ,

I have a EXPOSURE 3010S2 PRE with Internald DSD64 dac capable. The dac now is running through USB with indows 10 and roon core.
The driver configuration is WASABI exclusive mode, no asio supporrted.
I Tried dapahile, euphony, Valumio but no of them had suxeed to get sound only noise.
The dac is recognise and XMOS 2.0 dac capable but no way to make any music.
The support of exposure says that they tried with Linux Ubuntu and not other distribution.
I couldn’t obtain more supporting answer.
So before reset my NUC and install ROCK would like to know if there is a way to make a test or if is working different from the other linux audio dedicated distribution.

Thank you


I don’t have access to that device, so I never tested it. You will have to try.

on which linux distribution is basically developed rock, I knew from exposure support that they tested it only on ubuntu…

there is a way to intall rock on usb and boot directly from usb, so i dont have to cancel all my windows audio dedicated set up?

Do you have access to a Raspberry Pi? Load it up with DietPi and install Roon bridge, quite easy and very stable solution. And im pretty sure if the DAC has an XMOS reciever it’ll work just fine in any Linux (or Mac) environment without drivers.

only nuc available…

Wereyou getting noise on on the output just with DSD material? Or also PCM?

I got noise with everything PCM DSD MP3 Radio everything…

I tried finding any info on whether the DAC board supports Mac/Linux but cant find any. The manual only says
Install the driver on the
PC, which is found on the
provided CD, and follow the
on screen instructions

This suggests to me that it is a Windows only DAC-board? Weird, but not impossible.

That’s not how it works. The fact that is equipped with an XMOS chipset doet not mean that native DSD works out of the box.

Hi @alberto_zacutti,

If you don’t have access to a Linux machine (other than ROCK), then this is difficult to validate.
I’m pretty sure that PCM and DoP will work ‘out of the box’.

For native DSD it’s a different thing: the linux kernel needs to be patched.

no way with any linux audio dedicate is weorking…

None, it is custom.

No, you will just have to try

No need to correct me @spockfish, nobody has explicitly mentioned Native DSD here…
The question was whether or not the Exposure DAC card would work in ROCK. And i simply stated that most XMOS chipsets does not require drivers in Mac/Linux and therefore are recognised and works well in, say, a ROCK environment.

Ah sorry. Whenever I read DSD I’m kinda thinking it is about native explicitly :wink:

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not a problem, but if anyone has solution for my problme will be very appeciate

Have you made contact with Exposure in the UK? At least to clarify if their DAC boards USB input is compatible with Mac/Linux.

yes i did it, they said that was tesyted only with ubuntu distribution…

Of course, you said that earlier. And they said nothing of a driver needed i suppose. Then the DAC ”should” work in any linux environment under ALSA but unless someone here can confirm that i can only advise that you get a Raspberry Pi and try it out. If you are unable to make it work you can always use the Pi together with a I2S - SPDIF HAT, they work really well and you will be able to play PCM music up to 192Khz sample rates using the coax input on the DAC (Hifiberry Digi+ Pro etc)


Just to be clear: you say to have ‘only noise’… but at what level? Have you looked at the volume level? It can be that the software level (ALSA in this case) is just extremely low, hence no output over USB.

If you have a raspberry pi, install a distro (not perse mine), then we can have a look. Or, what even will work, install a Linux in a virtual box on your windows machine.