Extend Favoriting to the Performances Page

In parallel fashion to the album page, allow a composition to be favorited (at the top), and also allow one or more performances to be favorited.

Then develop focus or similar logic to select favorite performances or favorite performances of favorite compositions.

In classical music, a fun activity is listening to different performances and IDing your best(s). It would help to be able to tag and retrieve them

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This (like with all performance manipulation) is all dependent on Roon finding a way to define “performance”. That may sound simple but it isn’t! :wink:

Well, yes, Roon does treat any stand-alone PART as a COMPOSITION. But, those are easy to spot just by their relative lengths. And then there are other albums in my library that just won’t get it’s music as COMPOSITIONs.

But overall, I’ll take being able to favorite anything that shows up on the Composition page. I really don’t know what if anything should be done with partial compositions.

For example, I want you to be like this