Extension becomes disabled after restart [Resolved]

I have a long-running Roon extension active. When Roon restarts or my computer reboots, the extension becomes disabled and I have to manually re-enable it in the GUI.

Is this the expected behaviour or does it mean my extension is misbehaving in some way? I’d like the extension to always be enabled.


It is possible to write an extension such that it persists through Roon restarts. I would guess that this is a bug in the extension code somewhere, but it’s also possible there is one in the API code in Roon or in the Javascript API library.

If you post a link to the extension code here I can take a look at it for you, I’d at least like to make sure that there isn’t a Roon bug here somewhere.

Thanks Ben. I’m currently troubleshooting another bug, for clarity I’ll finish that before I post here.

I worked out the cause. The extension wasn’t writing config.json because I wasn’t setting WorkingDirectory correctly in the systemd config.


Great, I’m glad you got it working. I think the early versions of the extensions I wrote for our home automation integrations have all had approximately that bug, so you’re in good company :slight_smile: