Extension Request - Export Playlist

Hello extension builders…

I love that Roon makes the API open for some functions. I would like a Roon extension for a current feature limitation where the Playlist Export only exports songs if they are IN the library.

My request is for an API based app or local web page:

  • Connect to Roon database
  • populate a drop down list with all Playlist names
  • (optional) Filter for Roon based playlists, not Tidal homed playlists
  • Select Playlist and hit Go button
  • a text box is populated or text file output with the name, artist, album in a format readable by Soundiiz [this might be the tricky bit] and includes ALL songs in the playlist, not just the ones that are IN the library.

What do you think… feasible?


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would also love to publish my playlists to spotify, deezer & co. via Soundizz without all the work to manualy export roon playlists.
any chance to let roon automaticly export playlists as static m3us?
like in MusicBee.