External DAC not visible in Roon

Roon Core Machine-Mac Mini M2 2023

MacOS Ventura 13.3.1, 8 GB, 256.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Fiber (1 GB speed) Wifi. No VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Schiit Jotunheim 2 USBC-Thunderbolt

Number of Tracks in Library

205k tracks, Qobuz streaming

Description of Issue

My external audio devices are visible in Roon when I launch Roon application. The problem occurs when turn my external DAC off.

I don’t put the Roon application to sleep, I just turn off the DAC. When I turn the DAC back on the next day —Roon doesn’t “see” the DAC.

I have to quit Roon application and open it up and then the DAC is there.The DAC is visible in the MAC audio Midi application as output but not even visible as an option to “enable” in audio set up.

After more testing, it appears to be an issue when the MONITOR goes to sleep. The screen saver will start and then monitor will sleep after a bit of time. When I wake up the monitor the DAC is not visible after I turn it back on. Is that a known issue or expected behaviour?

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Hey @Michael_Del_Tufo,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for taking the time to write in! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Roon when your Mac going to sleep. I have a few things for you to try:

  1. Check to see if the hard disk is turning off when the monitor goes to sleep. If so, do you have the ability to change this?
  2. Test out hardwiring the DAC directly to your Mac. Or, if using an external USB Doc that doesn’t have its own power source, it may also be turning off or disconnecting when the monitor goes to sleep.
  3. A popular third-party app some Mac users have seen success in keeping their macOS awake in the past is with Amphetimine: ‎Amphetamine on the Mac App Store

Let me know your thoughts on the above, and I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

The hard drive is set not to sleep, so that’s not going to sleep. It’s just the monitor for the Mac Mini that goes to sleep. The DAC is hard wired to Mac hard drive. When I turn the DAC off and the monitor goes to sleep, if I turn the DAC back on and wake up the monitor, Roon doesn’t see the DAC. The MAC sees the DAC but Roon “audio” devices is not on that screen to “enable”. Once I quit the Roon app and open it back up, Roon sees the DAC and it’s ready to use.

Hey @Michael_Del_Tufo,

Thanks for the update. Interesting situation you have here, typically the machine that the Roon Core is running on needs to be awake for remotes to be able to connect and function properly. You’ve changed your sleep settings properly - so that the screen shuts off but the machine itself is still functioning - which that should work for you. RoonServer might also be something you’d be interested in if you’re wanting to have a headless setup.

There hasn’t been any recent change to Roon that would affect this. Most likely the power-saving setting in sleep mode is now deciding to kill Roon to conserve power when it wasn’t doing that before, but we don’t have the insight into that functionality to know for sure why that might be.

I’d be curious to see how things function running Roon Server, but only if you’d be interested in running a headless setup on your Mac.

With that, I think gathering the specific date and time around when the issue occurs would be a helpful next step as well. From there we can review your core diagnostic for any underlying issues.

If you wake up the monitor first, does the same issue apply?

I could give the headless a try --do you have a handy doc to set that up. I could set it up on my IPAD.

Hey @Michael_Del_Tufo,

We do indeed! I’ll link it below:

I have the remote set up and working well so far. If I have both the remote and Roon app installed, could that cause confusion for my set up?

Hey @Michael_Del_Tufo,

You shouldn’t run into any issues there! And by that, I mean running Roon Server, but also haveing the remote app installed so you can still navigate around Roon using the same core machine.

I’ll leave this thread open just incase you run into additional issues over the next week or so. :+1:

Things have been good so far. Curious if there is any downside to the remote vs the app as far as SQ or functionality? Essentially wondering why they both exist?

Hey @Michael_Del_Tufo,

Glad to hear things have been better! There is no downside, and actually, Roon was primarily designed to function as two separate applications: the server, and the remote.

We’ve offered different download options to allow for the most possible flexibility across user setups.

I’ll keep this thread open while you continue to test :+1:

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