External Hard Drive to Router

Using HQPlayer embedded.Have a external ssd for music files.Can i connect hard drive to router will Roon recognize the hard drive ?

What is the router? I have one with a USB port to attach drives for sharing but have never tried it. My suspicion is that it would be very slow.

Asus RT-AC87U

Anybody ???

I’d attach it and see.

I did hook drive to router.Drive shows up on pc with all files.Trying to figure out the path and how to add to Roon ?

You should be able to specify the the device in setting/storage.
The add folder option should allow you to select your storage device, that is, it should identify the device and you just select it.

Being hooked to router it would be network share available on all my pc.Just can figure out how to add to Roon path etc.Or cant this be done ?

You need to look at your router documentation it will show you the network address you should use such as \router\sharename. Then put this in roon.

I did read in some other thread about using an Asus Router as share point. It involved setting upp a user account also, even if Roon is satisfied with guest access. I also have an Asus and tried this earlier, but it was not as trivial as one might expect.

@Outlaw did you get this to work with Roon? It appears that the Asus is running Linux and therefore Samba for disk access.

My 8TB HDD connected USB3 direct to my router (netgear AX6000) My Roon Core windows connected to my AP. Very happy